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I got this in a trade. I would like to know what model it is. I am not exactly sure what year it is either. The title says 1919 but I believe it is newer than that. It has an all metal structure inside the body. It is in pretty good shape sheet metal wise. The four cylinder looks real clean inside like someone has been in there but I haven't looked real close. What you see is what I have of it. I am not sure what I am going to do with it. I am not sure what it is worth if I was to sell it. I would be interested in buying rear fenders, aprons, and running boards for it. Thank You



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Looks to be a Model 4 which was first introduced in October 1919 as a 1920 model. You would have to find casting dates and serial numbers to prove its age. From the style of headlights and cross bar it is quite an early one; not later than about 1921 maybe.

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