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1950 Pontiac SilverStreak Canadian made clutch parts needed

Guest rickman

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Guest rickman

I am sending photos of clutch parts needed for my Canadian made 1950 Silverstreak ,6 cylinder? The clutch disc is 9 1/2" dia. with 10 splines, the pressure plate has 4 bolts,also need throw out bearing and pilot bearing.I also need a transmission mount. I am located in St.Catharines Ontario Canada,Thanks Rick.








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Guest 50SedanDelivery

Hi rick

Canadian and US 239 c.i. 6 cyl. engines are the same so anything from US repro suppliers will work. I recently got that std.trans mount on Ebay as a NOS item and there were several others on auction. The '40-48 version looks the same but I believe is slightly different. You can also have your clutch pressure plate resurfaced.

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