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20s Buick Wire Wheel Hub Cover - need ID


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Yes, A5 will fit 1928 Master Six Buick with 21" wire wheels. They are also known as "ASH" wheels and believe they were used from approx. 1924. I think they were available in A5 and A4 size. This piece only secures the wheel nut in place. The interchangeable / riveted brand plate suggets that also other car makers used it, but I have never seen any other than Buick.

Check also this thread http://forums.aaca.org/f165/few-1927-parts-sale-364883.html.


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This`s how the ASH caps looks,I have the smaller type on my 1924 4cyl Buick(proberly similar to A4 types) and also have a little bigger AHS- one(proberly A5 Buffalo type) that not will fit on my wheel.(Picture number 3 is proberly A5 size?)

Leif in Sweden.





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