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I found a potential contender for my next Reatta. The car has no pinstripes on it however. Does that necessarily mean it has been repainted or did some cars not have them? It seems from memory that they all had pinstripes. Thanks! Also, one other thing I was always curious about. On the 1991 model Reatta some of the rims are silver and some are white in color. Why the difference?

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Pinstripes could optionally be deleted on a vehicle order on all 4 years of Reatta production. It seems the overwhelming majority did have them but some were built without, so the lack of pinstripes does not necessarily imply a repainted car. The 1990 select sixty convertibles, most notably, had no pinstripe from the factory.

The white wheels seen on 1991 cars were a special order option, available only on cars with white paint. These actually originated on the 1990 Select Sixty convertibles (on which the white wheels were standard) and were offered in 91 as an option for white cars, either coupe or convertible. I don't know if they simply had that many sets of white wheels left over that they chose to offer them in 91, or if more were produced to fill demand. Perhaps Barney can clarify that point.

In that same vein, convertibles were availble in 91 with a white interior option (with red being the typical accent color). This resulted in a few "clone" select sixties, but also a number that were built with white interiors but blue accents (carpet, dash and steering wheel/column were all accent color, everything else was white). This was not available on coupes as the rear interior quarter trim for coupes was never made in white, only for convertibles. Apparently a few may have been built with white interior and tan accent. I vaguely recall seeing a picture of one, though that may not have been a factory build (i.e. converted sometime after the original build with parts copped from a tan interior). I do not purport to know with certainty one way or the other.


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