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Dayton Cyclecar, Joliet, IL 1914

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post-57494-143142932923_thumb.jpgPhotos show a 1914 Dayton Cyclecar manufactured in Joliet, Illinois during 1913-14. First cars had a 2 cyl. Spacke air-cooled engine. Later cars including this one have a Massnick-Phipps 4 cyl water-cooled engine. Seeking any information such as other owners, sales folders, parts books, engine gaskets. What have you? Thanks!





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The Dayton was built in the building we own in Joliet.


This building was built for the "Economy Motor Buggy Company" in 1908 by Dr.Flowers and Colonel Lambert of Joliet in order to attract industry to Joliet.

The company only lasted for a few years and was bought by Mr.Everritt to built a small electric car.

In 1914 they went bankrupt and the assets were bought by Pratt manufacturing a next door neighbor and space was rented to Dayton to built cars in the building that was already set up as a car manufacturing plant.

Pratt had built the rear axles for the Economy and continued selling axles for awhile.

I have a lot of info on the Economy but none on the Dayton.


Robert Kapteyn

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Very interesting. That's the second Massnick-Phipps motor that has turned up in the past week or so. Here is one still attached to the chassis:




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