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1968 BB Chev Pontiac


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I'm in the process of taking the 327/TH400 out of my 1968 Canadian Parisienne (Chev frame with Pontiac skin) for rebuilding. While that is being done I'm installing a 425hp 454/TH400 with 3500 stall converter (5000 miles on all of it) that I have lying around. Probably take me a few years to do the rebuild while I enjoy the BB power!! I had this combo previously installed in a 1973 caprice convertible so everything was pretty straight forward regarding the SB to BB swap as far as motor mounts, rads, etc go but the 1968 is a little different. My questions are:<P>The 327 has the old style motor mounts (I think so anyway because there are cables that go from a bracket mounted to the exhaust manifolds to the upper control arm bolts. The GM employee/now restorer that I bought the car from said that this was a recall; if the motor mounts were good you got the cable, if the motor mounts were shot you'd get the new style mounts). Does anyone know a GM part number for the frame portion of the motor mount that will fit the block part from a 1973 Chev, or are the mounts completely different?<P>The radiator. It appears that there is an approx. 6" spacer between the rad and the front header frame that goes from side to side (the part that the headlights are also mounted on to). Is there any information about hole centres for the BB rads? It appears that if I remove the rad and spacer I would be able to fit a rad that's about 1" wider. The header frame also has the same dimple that the spacer has for clearance to remove the rad cap located in the centre as opposed to the side on newer model rads.<P>If I buy a BB Chev Impala rad will it fit the Pontiac hole locations? Unavailable at UAP but seen them at Impala Bob's.<P>Did the BB Chevs/Pontiacs come with fan shrouds? The 327 doesn't have one. When I removed the SB and installed the BB into the 1973 Chev the shroud wouldn't fit. Within 15 minutes the brand new BB aircon car rad was boiling over. I modified the shroud to fit and solved that problem.<P>Before I install the BB I'm changing it over to hydraulic roller cam/lifters and roller rockers. It has a dual plane manifold, 750cfm holley, high volume fuel pump, Mallory Unilite distributor (no vacuum advance as in it's previous incarnation the BB didn't make much vacuum, barely had power brakes at times when blowing the doors off of those pesky 5 litre Mustangs), and MSD 6A spark control if necessary. I expect the cam to have a power range of 2000 to 5500 rpm. Can anyone recommend a stall converter for a 3900 pound car (haven't checked the diff ratio)? I think the 3500 will be just a little too much converter.<P>Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.<p>[ 08-15-2001: Message edited by: Boat Slip ]

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