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1988 Buick Action Library: Training Salesman Videos.


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By observation, "sales training" was not as rigorously recommended as it came to be in later years. As a result, when a dealership might have received something as illustrated, it probably went to a Sales Manager. The SM would possibly look at it and share it with the salespeople, then "file it". A few years later, as "outdated material", it would become "re-filed". I suspect that to find a survivor kit would be a very small probability. "Hen's teeth"?

What MIGHT be available would be on YouTube. I've found several sales training/introduction videos for Buicks on there. Not for forget the many car commercials on there, too! Plus sales training videos for many brands of vehicles (might be several segments, due to their length).

There is also the Automotive Historical Archives, some of which can be accessed via the www.wildaboutcars.com website. To get to the archived items, it might require a small membership fee/donation.

I've heard that the Detroit Public Library has many archived automotive documents, which might include some of what you might desire, but I'd try YouTube first (Possibly even following some of the links to other videos to get to where you might desire to be).

I also know that Buick put out some separate "introductory" videos, as for sales and service issues on the then-new Reatta. When we remodeled and disposed of many of the huge amount of videos, I went looking for it and didn't find it.

From the looks of what you have there, this was probably sent out at the first of the model year only. An "all-inclusive" guide for sales training AND the vehicle ORDER GUIDE. You might also seek out the "Press Kits" sent to the newspapers (with black and white glossy pictures, descriptive articles, and other "propaganda") for publication. I happened upon one for the '99 Oldsmobiles, from an acquaintance who worked for the local newspaper (small town) and found it in the trash pile, unopened. It also included some color slides for projectors!

Happy Hunting!


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