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Another tire question


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Guest Mark McAlpine

Hello Blackhawk61,

Per the AACA Official Judging Guidelines:

Section 2, Paragraph XV, Sub-paragraph D.11: "Tires on all vehicles must be as specified by the manufacturer. Specific brand is unimportant. They must be nearest the correct size, if the correct size is not available . . ."

Section 2, Paragraph XV, Sub-paragraph D.12: ". . . Owners not able to find a correct replacement tire should send a letter to the VP Class Judging [currently Herb Oakes] indicating the specific size of the correct tire and that at least two tire manufacturers have been contacted and the correct tire is not available. Tires one size larger or smaller are acceptable. A letter from the VP Class Judging is the ONLY AACA ACCEPTED [emphasis in Judging Guidelines] documentation regarding a vehicle's substitute tires. Any letter issued by the VP Class Judging should be shown to the Team Captain at the time of vehicle judging."

I don't know which car you're question regarding tire size substitution applies to. I assumed it was the one in your member forum photo--and I apologize because I don't know Studebakers well enough, so I probably guessed the wrong year and model--but I looked at the Coker website for a 1961 Studebaker Silver Hawk and their website shows 670-15 reproduction tires being available (from various tire manufacturers--e.g., Firestone, Goodyear, Uniroyal, etc.--and in blackwall and various sizes of whitewalls. Therefore, for this example, it would appear the correct size tires specified by Studebaker are available, so you would not be authorized to submit G78-15s and would receive max point deductions (5 points each) if they were on your car for AACA points judging. Even if 670-15s were not available, you could only install a period correct time one size smaller or larger, so I don't believe G78s would be acceptable for AACA judging--however, the AACA's unofficial tire expert Eric Marsh could better/more accurately answer the question.

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