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1937 LZ 3-window coupe

don samuelson

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A good looking Classic! There are (36) members with this '37 model listed in the rear of the 2010 LZOC Memebership Directory. C-Boz may chime in shortly and he knows bunches about this car. If you search & reference his previous threads on this site, documenting many phases of his resto, may show some photos of the area you have questions on. Not sure how may of the (36) cars are near complete nor how many visit this forum, but Hank (Henry D.) & Colin S. are both very helpful & active in the club, could be able to provide some help. If the convertible coupe is similar in this area you refer to, Gerry R. has all the hands on experience from hands-on work on his beauty as well, if you use the contact info in the directory to get help. Check back if you don't get what you need. Paul


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