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NEEDED: 1988 Buick Dealer Literature and dealer Promotional

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I am looking for 1988 Buick Dealer products. I'll buy them all for the right price.

-1988 buick library marketing and training salesman tapes. Must be working.

- 1988 Buick Dealer Promos: Regal and Reatta SEALED.

I don't need the 1988 sales brochure so disregard that in the photo.


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The guy on eBay sold this whole lot for $30 shipped the other day. Call that crazy? And it was too late before I could buy them. That person bought them for a steal!!!! I would think $60 would be the right price. You can't even find those tapes anymore. So maybe the seller stold them. Lol I was so mad after that.

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Guest my3buicks

Not sure how long you have been in the hobby, but you might be amazed at what some of the literature and dealer items go for. I have always collected literature for each car I own or have owned to the point of be obsessive about it. Some of the stuff is wickedly expensive. I possibly have the largest 67 collection to exist and I would guess I have thousands in it. Now luckily there is not as much "fun" stuff out there for the later models and it is a little cheaper, but some of the stuff still can bring some good $$$. There of course is more out there for the 88 Reatta than following years - Introduction stuff etc. Of course the Press Kit is a must have for a Reatta collection.

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If an individual has something they want to get rid of, a "reasonable price" is more likely than if a collector/reseller is selling it. They know what they have in it and how many bills they have to pay that month, which can affect their asking price. As with many swap meet parts, same things can be had from different sellers for differing prices.

From experience, the promos CAN deteriorate in the box. Just depends upon how much heat they've been stored in. Plastic shrinks with age. I've seen some promos from the later 1950s which I'd consider pretty value-less due to this fact, but they are still what they are.



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