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Riviera Reatta Antenna


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In this cold weather I would think most everyone is having antenna problems? Does anyone have any ideas on how to keep the antennas working on my 2 Riviera's that are kept outside. Currently 14 degrees here in South East Pa.

The 99 Riviera radio works with the antenna down for local FM stations while the 89 is useless without an extended antenna.

I bet Barney has some thoughts?


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Moisture in the tubes can freeze and lock them..... cold weather will make the plastic cord stiff.

If you can get it up..... wipe it down with WD-40 and that might take care of the moisture. The only other suggestion is move further south.

I don't know why I keep telling people that....the paper this week said they are building another 2500 home 3 miles from me......we don't need any more people here.

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