Yellow in 1963 Riviera?

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I have just joined ROA but where can I find the codes to understand the data plate entries for 63-65 Rivieras? Also, any great books to understand more about these cars? My background is with early Corvettes and there the information is plentiful.

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The trim codes are in the member's only section. Until you get that your Riview, in which the user name and password are posted, you can't access that section. The user name and password change with every issue. JoAnne will be sending a copy of the latest Riview with your other membership stuff ASAP.

Trim code information for the '63 is there, but the data code plate info is for cars built starting from 11/23/63 - or bascially the '64 and '65 models. I can help you with the '63 info. What you need to know up front is that the data plate only list options for the back half of the car as it was being built in Flint. Options added after it left Flint for final assembly are not on the data plate. So things like cruise control, four note horns, cornering lights, tilt wheel, wheel cover, tire size - which determines wheel width, guidematic - auto headlight dimmers, and twilight sentinels are not on the plate. Unless you happen to have the original window sticker, there's no data available as to how the car came equipped from the factory with those other options.

There is however a total list of options and their cost on the website so it's possible to identify what options are on your car, but you won't know for sure if they were from the factory or dealer installed. One other thing to realize is that, when compared to other Buick models, the Riviera has as standard equipment lots of things that were options on other cars. If you're interested in that, I'll post that for you. I've got the window sticker from my car that details all of those standard features on Rivieras that were options on other Buicks.


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