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Hemmings Article For AACA Museum

AACA Museum

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I love me some long roofs...

I've had: 67 Chevy BelAir 6 passenger, 76 Olds Custom Cruiser 6 passenger woodgrain, 81 Pontiac Safari 8 passenger, and currently drive the snot out of an ex-Diesel 78 Olds Custom Cruiser 6P non-woodgrain.

Favorite uncles had them so I grew up knowing they were cool. One had: 1953 and 1958 Plymouth Suburbans and a 1964 Chevy II. The other had Ford wagons starting with a 1956 Country Sedan, 1960 Falcon, 1964 Fairlane Ranch Wagon and a 1972 Torino Squire that he kept till 2002.

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