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Interesting Documentary About a Man and His VW

Writer Jon

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I discovered this short documentary recently: Once More: The Story Of VIN 903847 It's the story of Wolfgang Paul Loofs and his 1955 Beetle and their travels around the world. The documentary can be viewed at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SdjRhk6USR0 or: http://oncemore.ca VW of Canada posted this, so for our Neighbors to the North, viewers of the non-You Tube link also have the option of hearing the narration in French.

If you like either cars or travel or both, I think you'll find this documentary interesting. I sure did, but I'm a VW fan so that may have influenced me.

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Thanks for sharing a wonderful history of man and his machine. I was a little disappointed that the historian in the beginning did only mention the second, and not the first knick name for a Type 1. The original name for the car and it's factory was in this order; KDF Wagen and KDF Stadt. KDF meaning in English, Strength Through Joy. I was also disappointed that after all that publicity and notoriety that the car was modified in many ways. If the car attempted some of those adventures again with it's now lowered front and rear suspensions it would be impossible, and tire wear and axle bearing life on the poor de-cambered rear transaxle would suffer. It's amazing in today's VW world it is possible to re-create a all original interior/exterior that someone chose not to do so along with using cheap flash chrome Brazilian bumpers is sad.

I have had my 65 Type 111 for 47 years 180,000 KLM with it's matching numbers engine and I could feel the original owners feelings coming right through the film. If I were lucky enough to have got hold of that car, it would have been a privilege to present the car done over correctly and it's title back to it's original owner.

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The car is more modified than I'd like to see, too, but I guess we have to be grateful that the car isn't rusting away somewhere or already turned into scrap metal. At least the present owner recognizes its provenance and is trying to continue the journey, so to speak, in his own way.

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