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What type of vintage convertible car is this from ?

Guest Artista

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Guest Artista

Hello all, I decided to post this right away.

My former Landlady ( when I was living in a Chicago apartment) had given me this vintage part from her long ago deceased husband's car.

I think that she may have said it was from a 1950s era Cadillac or maybe a Corvette.

Can anyone here identify what this came from?

Thank you..:confused:





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Look similar to the 1949 Cadillac I have, but there's no way to know for sure what it fits without being able to test fit it. Regardless, I don't think it has much value, even if you knew what kind of car it fit. It could have shrunk, the snaps on the car might be different, etc, so it might not even be usable today. It's in good condition if it's original, but vinyl has a tendency to shrink and change shape over time, so it may not fit today. Finally, it will have faded and changed color over the years, so even if you find someone with the year and make of car that it belongs to, AND it has a red interior, it probably won't match. Reproduction boots are relatively inexpensive, so I don't see anyone paying a premium for this original one. If you can identify the car on which it fits you might get $100-150 for it provided you can find that needle in a haystack buyer. Sadly, it'll be next to impossible to figure that out without going to a big show and test-fitting it to every convertible you can find from 1946 to 1957 or so.

Good luck!

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Guest Artista

Hi all!

I really APPRECIATE all the responses thus far. Thx!

I'm at work right now but tomorrow morning I'll respond to each of you.

I'll say this much, I believe that it is not vinyl.

I'll measure it's dimensions tomorrow as well.

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