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Buick 1923-4-39 Back on the road! PICTURES & VIDEO

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This beauty of a Buick has not been on the road since July of 2006. The ressurection started back in November of 2006, and was completed November of 2014. Actually with minimal effort too!


I purchased her from the original family- even have a picture of it the day it was bought back in 1923. The engine was "stuck", so the 1st thing I did was try to "unstick" it by hooking it up to the back of my Expedition, pulling it down the street and popped the clutch. That did the trick, after checking for any collateral damage, which there was none, she went back in the garage, with minimal tinkering over the years, under a cover, forgotten for the next 8 years.

Fast forward to May of this year, I decided to "git'r" goin'. It needed the water pump rebuilt, as well as the carburetor and vacuum canister rebuild. Relined the gas tank, changed the plugs and wires, bought a new 6 volt battery and crossed my fingers. Flipped the ignition on, stepped on the starter and "chug, chug chug" she fired right up! She starts up without effort every week, as I take her for her weekly cruise down the 101 in Encinitas CA.


The video is of its 1st trip out of my garage since it was "pushed" in back in November 2006. Also posted are various pictures of the resurrection.






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Again, congratulations on keeping the right car and getting her back on the road. Dave Ebert has been keeping me informed about your progress. You have come a long way since I met you and checked out your Buicks several years ago (before I retired). I guess you sold your big Buick parade convertible? Hopefully, you can get with some local prewar car folks and take your roadster on some local tours.

Drive it and Enjoy it!

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Yes! Mark, that was 8 years ago when I 1st purchased the 23, and there it sat for the past 8 years. I am a member of the San Diego BCA Chapter, but I am the only prewar Buick member. I do take her out weekly, and enjoy many thumbs-ups as I cruise the 101. Sold off most of my cars, but do have the 23, a 59 Nash Metropolitan convertible as well as a fully restored 1963 Buick Skylark Convertible.

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Dave :

So very glad that you have shared your success with us as we were rooting for you! The 23-39 is a very special car. I was privileged to be able to Judge the beautifully restored 1923-39 at the Portland meet.


I, almost, was able to get a 1923-54 out of Vermont 4 years ago. Made the deal, contracted a carrier, but when we arrived it was misrepresented. So 9 hour drive back home.

Another one that got away......






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Dave :

I am in agreement with you. I was every bit as impressed with a survivor 1923-54 shown at the 2011 Hershey car show.

Owned by Paul Rose in nearby Virginia.


My own car, a 1925-25 is a driver that I do enjoy driving. Just making things functional and reliable. Unfortunately my car had a 1960s fix up restoration. So I am also just trying to undo some of their "improvements".

To get a car from the original owners family and have it basically unmolested is a real treasure. You can probably tell I have a thing for these 1923 Sport models.

I would love to have a 1923-55 Sport Touring.

Enjoy the drive my friend!

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