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IV Porte

1946 LC

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Hello guys,

Another year, new challanges and questions.:)

Got one already, my 1946 LC coupe V12 has a body tag, 5EH-57-127. Any of you guys who can tell how many of the LC coupe V12 was made that year and if I can get any information of the car or former owners?:confused:

A great forum we got here.


Michael, Sweden

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In Florida, USA they issue a paper title to owner of car and must be transferred to new owner. When I purchased my 1941 LC in 1982, I phoned the department of motor vehicles

jn Florida that issues titles and they were able to give me several previous title owners names and address. Hope they do something similar in Sweden.

Good luck!

Bruce Nussman


1951 Jaguar XK 120 roadster with high performance power train

2004 Corvette Convertiable

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The book Lincoln Continental Story by Tim Howley lists 265 Continental coupes and 201 Cabriolets. Benson Ford Research Center at the Henry Ford Museum has a record of production for $20 they will send you a copy of your build sheet.

1942 Continental Coupe

Lee Waldren

Fort Myers, Florida

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