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Triumph Vitesse 1963

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They were sod in Australia as Triumph Heralds From what I remember they were not a very popular car

You've got the wrong car, Ron. Although they looked the same, the Herald was a smaller car than the Vitesse. The Herald was powered by a 948 cc four which didn't appreciate long distance high speed driving (the same engine was used in the Spitfire but had better gearing). The Vitesse was powered by the 2 litre six also used in the TR6 and was a good highway cruiser. Both cars were sold in Canada.


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Lets correct a few points here.


Spitfire never had the 948cc engine. It first came with the 1147cc with twin carbs


Triumph Vitesse was the same body and chassis as a (mk2 chassis) Herald saloon and convertible with no factory coupe or estate built.  Running gear was very similar but certain components modified or strengthened. Many Vitesse have been rebuilt using Herald body, chassis and mechanical parts .

It first had a 6 cylinder engine of 1600cc which was a sleeved version of the Mk1 2000 big saloon and estate, this was the Vitesse 6.

Main external body difference is the twin headlight front end, aluminium bumpers and stainless steel side trim going the full length.

Interiors had wooden door tops and a few other differences though the first 1600 had the the same dash as a 1200 Herald, latter ones got a rev counter

After the 1600 came the 2 litre which had a similar engine to the Mk1 2000 big saloon and estate but a bit more power. Retrospectively named the Mk1 2 litre

A major  Vitesse redesign came with Mk2 and this had a new front grill, rear boot inlay and rostyle wheel trims. The mechanical improvement was the rotoflex rear suspension which helped tame the handling and the fitting of the motor similar to the Mk2 big saloon and estate cars.

Overdrive was available as an option on all Vitesse and made them into a better car for highway use otherwise the 6 is spinning at nearly 3000rpm at 60mph.

The TR5/6 engine has always been 2500cc and while similar was never commercially fitted to the Vitesse.

Vitesse 6 with the 1600cc engine was sold in the States as the Sport Six and wasn't a great commercial success.







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