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Old Car History ?? Hershey Holiday Inn ??

ron hausmann

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Need help trying to get background information on one of my old cars - -

Based on scanty information, in the 1950's or earlier, a Kissel automobile, a Gold Bug Speedster, was once owned by a collector named "Zimmerman" who lived around Hershey, Penn. Apparently there was a Holiday Inn there which back then had an attached or integral old car museum. The Zimmerman Kissel Gold Bug was kept at that museum.

Does anyone out there have information or pictures about that museum?

Does anyone have information ab out the collector named Zimmerman?

The Zimmerman Kissel was later sold to William Ruger (Ruger Firearms) who restored it. I bought it in 2007 and now have this wonderful car. I'm trying to establish its early history, which was lost. Appreciate any help.




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I visited Zimmerman's in 1975 but unfortunately didn't take a photo of a Kissel. My photos consist of a 1914 Stutz Bearcat, 1948 Tucker, 1931 Chrysler Custom Imperial Sedan, 1931 Auburn Conv. Coupe (8 cyl.) and a 1932 Packard V12 Speedster (Clark Gables according to the sign).


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I grew up not too far from Gene Zimmerman's museum and knew a guy who worked restoring cars for Gene.

Gene decided to close up his museum when the township would not grant him a liquor license. Postcards for the museum show up on e-bay regularly. It looks like one of the cars in the postcard booklet at the link below is yours.


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Thanks alot!. It IS my car before the next owner restored it. I bought the book. When Gene Zimmerman sold his cars, William Ruger of Ruger Firearms bought several of them, including this 1923 Kissel Gold Bug Speedster. Ruger restored it to its original yellow and installed an original top in the 1980's. Then, in 2002 when he passed, part of the Ruger collection was auctioned. Andrew Kissel, a criminal ("milk shake murder") bought it. Andrew Kissel was murdered and the Feds seized his assets, including this car. The Feds auctioned off this car with little fanfare and i was fortunate to buy it.


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