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Best Kaiser book to give?

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Hi Friends, Please suggest a book to give on the history of Kaiser for a beginner. I ask because I often find misinformation in books I have purchased on companies I am familiar with. I had rather not give a book than a poor choice. The friend is a beginner and I think would gain a lot by pictures of models offered as well as text. His grandmother and great-grandmother opened and operated a local Kaiser dealership. I cannot help but believe it was quite possibly the only female founded and operated Kaiser dealership. Thank you for your recommendations in advance.

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The Last Onslaught on Detroit, by Richard Langworth, is considered by many to be the authoritative source of information for anyone interested in Kaiser-Frazer. Written in 1975, it contains quite a bit of information about the company and the cars. Copies routinely pop up on ebay and are available at Amazon as well. Expect to pay around $75 for a good copy...well worth the price paid.

There were two editions printed. The earlier is prized among collectors but the latter has additional info the first lacked.

Another good book with many pictures is titled "Kaiser-Frazer 1947-1955 Photo Archive" by Bill Tilden. Copies sell for about $40 and are available from the same sources.

Its good to hear folks are interested in KF!

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