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question about solvent

Guest JoyChen

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Guest JoyChen

hello every one

i am the new comer to this website

and have a question about work

What solvent can remove buildup abs injection mold surface thimble oil, and does not affect the subsequent?

Any one can help me with my question ?

look forward to reply

thanks to all

happy new year

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Lighter fluid like you use for your grille cleans an amazing amount of stuff with no damage and leaves no oily residue. It will wipe grease right off a painted surface and not even touch the paint. They use it at a framing store I know to clean photographs. (if that tells you how mild it is) If you have sticker or tape residue, I use WD40 first and let it soak. It seems to work well to remove ancient masking tape residue. (as always test a non important area first)

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