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Ford Panthers


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Every once in a while, you might hear a growling coming from under the hood.

It's the anti lock brakes resetting themselves.

(you can tell people it's the panther)

My Dad (RIP) , bought a 2004 Town Car new. Mom still has it, although she doesn't drive. I drive it to take her places.

They're great cars. I'm sure you'll enjoy yours.

Expect decent mileage on the highway. Around town is OK (16mpg) We have a lot of hills around here that suffer poor mpg

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"Panthers" were decent platform vehicles! Large and comfortable, with good driving dynamics.

At one time in the past, I found a whole website devoted to Panther platform Ford. It was extensive and covered almost any modification you might desire to do to a Crown Vic, Grand Marquis, and Town Car. Up to and including Ford V-10 installation (at a time when the normal Town Car had 200 horsepower). It was tied to a car club in the northeastern USA, as I recall. Not sure if it still exists, though.

I suspect that if you take good mechanical care of it, it'll be a trusted member of your family for many years to come.

Personally, I feel FoMoCo messed up by not having a good replacement sedan for the Town Car. I don't feel the new "crossover" Lincolns are nearly what they need to have in that segment! Just makes the better "used cars" that much more valuable AND worth more if they have been taken care of.



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Other than some occasionally "twitchy" handling, I have been well satisfied with my 02 Grand Marquis. And I'll be honest- I get in it after driving the old gray Olds wagon and Ford truck for a couple weeks, the difference in handling is probably a matter of getting used to it again. The Big M is a competent road car, comfortable at 80 mph all day long while delivering 26 mpg doing so.

Expect some coil pack failures when it gets close to 75k mark, and a lot of times that will trigger catalytic converter replacement due to misfire busting up the converter innards. I do recommend following the Ford maintenance schedule as religiously as possible, though these cars will take an incredible amount of abuse and neglect.

Linken? You'll be golden til the "gadgets" start going wacky, and they will. There is such a thing as having too many whiz-bang gadgets on a vehicle.

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