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Firestone Double sliding Bead Rimg Rim information needed


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I am trying to complete a set of rims before I rebuild wheels and need one or two additional Firestone rims. The rims I need are generally used on light/medium trucks. These rims have both bead rings reversible to allow the vehicle to use either clincher or straight side tires. I can use any of the above sized rims as donor material in order to build a complete set of rims for my project. If you have any extra rims, rings or hardware for this style Firestone rim please drop me a note. Does anyone know what model or number Firestone used to identify this type rim? Does anyone know which of the major vehicle makes used this type rim and for what years?

Alan Dewsnup

alsfarms at Hotmail.com

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Hi Alan,,,Ben in Maine here

Slow down,,you got so excited you forgot to put the

sizes,,,Hope all is going well,,

Give a ring on the phone if you wish,,


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Hello Ben,

I hope life has been good on the east coast. We are snuggling into some FROSTY weather! Be careful as you start the New Year. Yes, you made a good call on me not listing rim size for the Firestone rims I need. Elsewhere I had included the rim size on the header, but I did not on this posting. I am actually looking for 27" Firestone double sliding bead ring style rims. One would get me by but two would be better. I would be interested in any size 23", 24", 25", 26" as they could be used for donor material to build the size I need...as a last resort. I would like to give you a buzz Ben, but I have misplaced your phone number. Would you send me a PM with your number and I will give you a call.

Regards from Frosty Utah,


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Any left over rims or pieces of rim would help me assemble my last rim. 23", 24", 25", 26", 27" Double sliding bead ring style. I also need a few sliding rim bead rings, preferably 27". Please look in your junk or left over piles and see if you can help me.


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Hi Alan, somewhere I have quite a bit of rim information. It is in a big pile of catalogs at the moment so I will try to recall from memory as best as I can. You mention light to medium trucks and 27 " . As far as I recall all of the truck rims are 24 ". They were made as you describe; with both bead rings removable, and slightly later with the inner ring part of the main band {inner non removable}. They came in a number of widths, and are considerably heavier construction than an automotive rim.

The automotive rims in the same style came in several diameters but only a couple of widths. If you are looking for 27" rims I am fairly sure they are the automotive series rims.

I don't believe the ones with both bead rings removable were used on automobiles for very long. Probably around 1908 or so to about 1910. Most of the ones I encounter have the inner ring non removable.. I have also encountered rims from manufactures other than Firestone that are intended to interchange on Firestone fellow bands.

What cars were fitted with them OEM is hard to pin down. Many cars in this era had non detachable {the rim screwed directly to the wood fellow} wheels standard , and Firestone or similar detachable rims as an option. I am sure Firestone demountable rims were also retrofitted to good quality used cars that were origonally fitted with non detachable rims. They made life quite a bit easier for the early motorist.

Greg in Canada

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I have had some Firestone literature shared with me. I now know that the style rim I need is Firestone "B". If any of you have extra parts. The rim I need would be the smallest (narrow) of that design and would be found on GMC, Olds, REO and Chevrolet, (probably others also) trucks from the mid teens to the early 1920's. Can anyone on this forum direct me to collectors who deal in light trucks as a possibility for locate a spare rim or two?.

Thanks, Al

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