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Item identification please

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The time has come to start thinning out some of the miscellaneous items my father (and myself) has acquired over the years. He wasn't one to pass up a free or interesting item for a possible future project, but now I have no idea what they may be. My plan is to ask for any clues here and offer it to anyone who might be interested and try a couple of times on ebay and then it's off to the recyclers.

The first two items are a couple of odd fuel tanks. The first one is 22x15-3/4x 8-3/4. The second is 19x11-1/4x6-1/4. Both have a dented side.


I appreciate any help anyone can provide and this is just the beginning, but I had to start somewhere.

Thank you.





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First tank - actually looks a bit like a brass era tank with the method of closure and notable lack of sending unit. It would have sat under the seat and gravity fed the carb from the bottom of the tank at floor level. This Gas cap looks very much like my 2 1911 cars, one Hudson, one Marmon. As far as the second one it could well be an exposed speedster tank it's just the funny gas cap that I am not familiar with. There is an ad that was just above your article advertising any gas tank - 99 dollars - maybe there is a starter place for you as far as value goes. If you could include pics of the open gas tank (first one) I could know more about the cap and hardware.

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I don't see any numbers or logos. Attached is a close up of the fill. I was wrong, it's a brass threaded cap now that I look at it again. This tank is definitely older and sure would like to mate it up to what it belongs. I agree it probably was an under seat location. The orange on is much newer and not likely automotive due to the small size.

I'd rather find an appropriate home for at least the older tank rather than to make some bucks.



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