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For Sale - 1930 Franklin 147 front Fenders - 95% restored (may also fit 145 & 1929 S135, & 137)


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I have a set of Front Fenders left over from the restoration of our 1930 147 Franklin. They may also fit 1930 Series 145. Also, with a minor tweak at the splash apron appear they will fit 1929 Series 137 and may fit 1929 Series 135 and 130). These are not sidemounted (all be it you can add wells). These fenders have had about 2.5K each spent on them in restoration - the fellow did hammer welding and the work is incredibly well done. They are in prime and need some minor clean-up work on the beading prior to paint (sidenote: the back fenders on our car were done by the same fellow and in the same place as these and required about 5 hours each on them to go on a CCCA 99.5 point car). I would say they are 95% restored. I found a NOS set of front fenders so these were never used in restoration. I would like to find these a new home and a reasonable offer would be gratefully accepted. These two fenders are located in Cincinnati, OH John Mereness tel 513-531-2913 johnmereness@aol.com

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