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Barney Eaton

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I was in Kohl's today and they had a hard bound car book on sale for $7.99 (it was back in the housewares, frame, etc).... it has at least 2 pages on the Reatta with a picture of a 1990 Select Sixty.

Did not buy it but will in the next couple of days, I spend more than that on some magazines. There are lots of other nice car pictures and mostly American cars.

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Barney, I posted about this a month ago, where've you been? Ah, just kidding. I happened across it at Kohls as well while buying socks and a wallet and bought it not even knowing the Reatta was in it. Didn't see that until I got home and paged through it. Was quite pleasantly surprised at that; nothing like a little validation now, is there?

It is a very nice book overall, and I like classic cars (particularly obscure ones) which is why I purchased it to begin with. You did quite well getting it on sale. I paid more than double that before Christmas and still think it was worth the price.


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