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Merry Christmas to all!

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My wife is getting a new Daytona brake system in her TC. (Other goodies also.)

I now know what a Blessed Christmas is! My mechanic was back in his shop yesterday for the annual Christmas Eve luncheon. He has beaten bone cancer and it is GONE. His grandson is a mechanic there. His brother the chief of police was there and well as his daughter that handles the bookwork and his nephew that played Christmas songs on the xylophone. I believe I am his longest customer at 54 years of relying on him and his mechanics.

Twice he was almost libeled by TV stations that were sloppy in their work. Then the newspaper wrote a 1/2 page article implying that the Catholic Church dropped the ball when he didn't get into the seminary. A stubborn guy that won't let you have your car back till he likes the way it works.

I guess prayer works when you have people from every religion bugging God to do something.

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