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The Request dream car found by Ralph Marano


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I read just today that he discovered it in 1983 abandoned in a field with accident damage. I am surprised it hadn't rusted out? Was it printed how he got wind of it, how he found the owner and how much he paid for it? Was it a fully functional car when built? Looking forward to hearing more about this "dream car."

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Ralph didn't "discover" it in the 80s, I had been discovered in the Pacific Northwest area by Larry Dobb and his brother around that time or earlier, they saved it and performed a partial restoration though a total restoration was beyond their means at that time. As alsance says, the story since the Dobb recovery has been told in many hobby magazines, quite a few times in fact. Ralph did have it restored again, to near-perfection - yes, it's a fully roadworthy car, it was the the PAC National Meet in Gettysburg a few years back and participated in several of the driving tours.

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