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Guest Corvanti

i've only purchased one vehicle with a "salvage" title - a '95 Mustang GT convertible in 2001 - at a ridiculously low price. a Carfax (rear end damage) and a very thorough inspection - got me a very nice car.

if one plans to have a "keeper", it wouldn't hurt to take a look.

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I would think being in Texas you are in a high Reatta registration state and since it's in the south, I would hazard to guess your state and surrounding area has quite a few Reatta convertibles. Maybe not right now, but I have seen quite a few. Brazoria County? I used to live in Houston, TX. That was 1990-1994. I remember stopping into a Buick dealer on Interstate 10 and oogling over a showroom Reatta, my 1st exposure to the Reatta. No way I could afford it. I do remember that it sat and sat and they eventually slashed the pricing to give it away. I never understood that. Houston has a lot of money, and a lot of cougars. I figured it would be the perfect car for a cougar, or a salt and pepper semi-retired golfer with a sedan in the garage.

Anyway, I would hesitate to buy that car in Washington because instead of paying, say $3500, you are in fact paying $4700 or whatever transport is and $4700 should buy a whole lot of Texas Reatta convertible.

I concur on the price to buy and ship. I "shopped" for a week on getting the shipping below 1k. Had I been able to get that done, I wouldn't have thought too much about being into the car for less than 4500. There was a deal in place contingent on finding reasonable shipping. I had a car shipped from Indiana when gas prices were at their highest and paid considerablely less than the 1200.00 I was getting quoted for this time with fuel prices at an all time low.

You don't see to many Reatta's running around here for whatever reason. At times you have to take what you can find and other times you can wait 'til you find what you want. There are a couple white 'verts out on the web in Texas, but white (or red for that matter) isn't my color. I can live with black or blue. I'm in no hurry to buy my second Reatta, time is on my side. I currently have a CJ 7 under resto for my daughter. It just got back from the paint shop so I'm about ready to get bloody knuckles again.

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As would be typical, CL doesn't show 'em now. One was listed at a Houston car dealership and was advertised as select 60 at around 16k. The other had a Nederland location and was around 5k. A Beaumont CL search or there is another site called southeast texas dot com may produce that one. If the more expensive one shows again I'll post it up.

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