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1926 Chrysler tourer bodies

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Hi All, Merry xmas,

I have just recieved my 1926 Chrysler tourer body from Australia in pieces. The wood in the doors, rear tub, front cowl, sills and pillars are mostly there and useable to copy. However most of the floor sections and front seat frame are missing. I'm looking for pictures of the internal woodwork on tourers of this era please. Chrysler historical section say "most" of the chryslers sent to Australia at this time went as rolling chassis with body up to the cowl only, but the body has a made in Ontario, Canada tag. It is confusing, so any pictures of USA, Canadian or Aussie built cars would be appreciated.

Many Thanks


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All 1926 Chrysler bodies for export were made in Canada. Richards was making bodies for Dodge but not Chrysler. The relationship between Richards and Chrysler started in 1928, although very few Chrysler bodies were made until 1933.

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