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Bertone Jaguar XK140 and 150: Anybody know what they were bought for in derelict shape?

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I want to write something about a Jag with an Italian body. The green XK140, looking more Ferrari=is or Maserati-ish than Jaguar-ish, was found by a Scottsdale jeweler, a Mr. Gauthier, in Florida maybe in a service garage. I was wondering if any Jag guys know what it was priced at back then when he found it, as my theory is no one there had a clue how rare it was as Italian bodied Jags are seldom heard of.

Or I could write my article about the XK150, in white, shown here


This car is now being restored, but it seems like that one might still be in the same family all these years so never was a "barn find."

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