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My Christmas Present to myself

bob duffer

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That is a beautiful car, and I do love those '34s...

...and I see we have the same radio, as well...













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Guest my3buicks

Beautiful, and I thought I was being a generous Santa to myself when I brought home the new Reatta last week. Santa needs to do better next year I see.

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You don't HAVE to put anything in, especially if you don't ever drive the car hard, BUT.... for a few bucks more.....I use:

only No-Ethanol - except when unavailable on tour. Even then, for each 10 gallons of gas , I add:

4 oz Marvel Mystery Oil

1 oz Alemite CD-2 Lead Substitute

and I also add Star-Tron with every tank to reduce the effects of Ethanol Gas, and as a gas preservative for storage (you never know when a car might get laid-up unexpectedly)

...all this despite the fact that when I rebuilt the engine I went with Stellite hardened valve seats, a 3-angle valve grind (and balanced aluminum pistons)

..... by the way, all of my cars get the same combination of additives, and YES, some will tell me it is a waste of money, natural resources, and is hurting some endangered species somewhere, but I'm comfortable with this regimen, and so far, my cars seem to be thriving. They generally survive even the long drives to-and-from the tours without complications, and think they are the Energizer Bunny, going, and going, and going...

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I'm late picking up on this thread, but I too want to offer my congrats on the purchase of such a fine looking Buick. I should perhaps take a lesson from you, as I somehow don't think that my wife is going to buy me a much longed for Buick Woody for my Christmas present.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, and I wish you many happy miles of cruising in your new Buick Baby!


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Guest buickkuhn

I love the looks of these Buicks , just makes me remember all the mobster movies . Welcome - coming from another Michigander over in northern Oakland county.

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Stunning car- Amazing how close our dash's are- , me a 33. I see you got the rare locking radio too. Good for you-


Outlaw car man,

Do you have any pics of your engine you might be able to post? Both sides if possible, i want to see the colors . I am wondering about the valve cover and oil pan and other small parts.

My pan and valve cover are green (2 different shades ) and i'm not sure it's right. I'm looking to paint them black. I have the lock for the radio but NO radio under the dash. I am looking for one if you know

of any for sale.




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Bob, If I can get to my shed this weekend, I'll check the colors of a couple of the unrestored original 1034 Buick engine oil pans and rocker covers.

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