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Great New Vintage Street Scene Film Footage Found – Newark, New Jersey 1928

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GREAT VINTAGE Street Scene Film Footage Found – Newark, New Jersey 1928: It is not very often that new and fresh period prewar street scene film footage is found today. Check out this entertaining short film showing cars, trucks, buses and streetcars at Broad and Market Streets in Newark, New Jersey shot during 1928 at The Old Motor.

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About 1:25 in to the film, there is a structure in the foreground, is that an early semaphore?

Curti, It looks like it is a cast iron structure of the type that a police officer would direct traffic from although it is much taller than most of them that were used at the time.

It also could have been used in some way for controlling the streetcars?

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The traffic control tower in the film does survive. It was located at the intersection of Broad and Market Street in Newark from the early 1920s until 1939 when it was moved to Crest Haven Memorial Park Cemetery in Clifton, New Jersey. The cemetery enclosed the top portion and installed speakers to play music during funerals.

Here is photograph of it.


Mark N.

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