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Question for Team Captains/Certified Team Captains regarding a recently sent out letter.

Shop Rat

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Has anyone else received a letter from Herb Oakes stating that they have been put on the inactive list as a Team Captain/Certified Team Captain with the reason stated that they haven't fulfilled the requirement to remain active by attending the required Team Captain School or Team Captain CJE? And the letter states that it might go back as far as at least 2009???

Bill got one of those letters yesterday as did a friend of ours. Both of them have indeed not only fulfilled that requirement but are Certified Team Captains and have served as such many times since it was claimed they were not in compliance with the rules.

There has to be a computer glitch or something that has given him bad information. There have been glitches in the past. I got a call several years ago from the gentleman that was the Chief Judge for Fall Hershey saying that I had not attended the required Judging School to judge at Hershey and that neither had Bill. When I was able to get in touch with Vicki Bolton she confirmed that we had both attended the new (at the time) Team Captain School at the Spring Charlotte Meet and she called him and cleared that up. When he called us we were half way to Hershey. It was a scary thing to have happen.

Now this happens. Anyone else get a letter like that? Or know of someone that did?

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Not being picked as a Team Captain once someone is Certified does happen as more people need to be certified. We were told about that at the beginning of that program. Sometimes we are and sometimes we are not depending on their needs. But at Grand Nationals they do try their best to have as many of the Team Captains as possible as be Certified Team Captains.

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Yes I recieved one of these also, the problem I had was that I was only able to attend one meet in 2014. At this meet there was no team captain school or team captain cje. I feel if they are mandating that we have to take one each year that they make sure they offer them at every meet. There are times when the meets are offered they conflict with work or finaical reasons that we can not attend more meets, now because of this and the school or cje not being offered I am being penalized. Is it that maybe they have more judges than they need so if you can not make one or two meets a year they do not need your service? if this is the case let us know for we spend our own time and dollars to go to meets and judge.

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Guest Mark McAlpine

I'm pretty confident that it's not a question of the club having enough judges. According to Herb Oakes in the latest The Judge newsletter, there are about 1,000 active judges in the club. This may sound like a lot until you consider the number of meets held each year (10-12 including the Grand National) plus the other considerations many of you already made: the cost to attend, the geographic distance, having the time to attending many meets (especially for those still working), etc. Having enough judges and Team Captains is probably not much of an issue for the larger meets like Hershey and Charlotte, but challenging at smaller meets which usually really have to push to get enough judges.

Herb Oakes can better address these issues, but the part of the challenge of offering Team Captain School and/or CJE at each meet may have something to do with the number of Team Captains who are approved to present a CJE seminar (which is a whole other process) and the number able/willing to do it at any given meet (who, like us, face the same challenges discussed above).

It also must be very challenging to satisfy the desires of all the Certified Team Captains who want to serve as a Team Captain at a meet with those of us pursuing Team Captain certification (like my wife and I who are both entering the certification process this year).

I think we each need to consider how difficult it must be for each meet to balance and coordinate the requests from judges for specific judging categories and to serve as a Team Captain. I don't know if it's practical (again Herb Oakes can address this), but for certified Team Captains who are able to only able to attend 1-2 meets a year, I recommend sending Herb and the meet's Chief Judge a note (well in advance of the meet) informing them of your desire to be a Team Captain at the meet and explaining that this is your only opportunity that year to attend Team Captain School and/or CJE and serve as a Team Captain. It might help and couldn't hurt.

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