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Skirt vs White Wall

Ron K.

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Recently whenever I make a left turn, the tire scrapes against the left rear skirt. The rear axle assembly appears to be tight and I wonder if my constantly forcing lubricant into the rear spring has loosened it up enough to allow a lateral shift. The standing clearance between tire and skirt is one half of an inch.

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Seems like the spring has shifted to the left. The spring center bolt may have slipped out of centering hole in the spring perch cross member, the spring perch may have cracked or the spring center bolt may have broke allowing the main leaf to shift. I believe your car is a '40? In '41 the spring perch was rubber mounted to the cross member and with age the rubber mounts would deteriorate allowing the spring perch to move sideways. What is the tire to fender skirt clearance on the right side?

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