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Resolved: Crissis in the Vintage Chevrolet Club of America


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As promised I was going to update everyone on the situation in the VCCA. (Vintage Chevrolet Club of America) For those who are not familiar the BOD wante to change the club to now include modified/street rod Chevrolets, it was a very active thread on this site. I decided that it would be best if I started a new thread.

I really could not say much over the past few months because a verbal agreement between the current Board of Directors and the leaders of the Coalition of Members for the "Restoration and Preservation of the VCCA," we were the group behind the petition. That agreement was that we were to back down our efforts based on the results of a straw poll taken of the current BOD based on how they were going to vote on two motions that basically overturned the mistake they had made. Those motions accomplished the same objective that the petition was seeking. The final vote was this past week and the VCCA Members efforts paid off!!!!

I copied a message that Past President Don Williams had posted in the Members section on the VCCA Forum. I would like to add that the input by enthusiasts here on this site also added to that pressure the BOD, and on behalf of the Members of the VCCA I would like to thank-you. We knew that BOD knew that the "Crissis in the VCCA" was an active thresd on the AACA Forum, and am pretty sure some of them read it! It all helped. The people who decide totake on these non paying jobs in a club, (such a Board Member) are for a multitude of reasons, and legacy and ego's are also part of those reasons. Those two reasons play a larger part for some then others, I am sure that your opinions posted here caused a few people to sit back and reflect.... I thank-you all again!

The lesson that should be learned for all; is not to take things for granted, and be concerned and active with the people who mange your club! Changes already have begun in the VCCA, due to the petition effort. There was a runoff election in one of our geographic areas for a BOD position. One of the main supporters of the modified change proposals was an incumbent and he was defeated!

When it is time to vote in your club, and you don't know who to vote for or even know the names, ask the people you know and trust if they know. Make sure the people running your club, are there to do just that! Run the business aspect, not change the identity to suit their own desire and vision

***** BREAKING NEWS *****

I am EXTREMELY delighted to tell you that the Board has now voted to APPROVE the 2 Motions we have talked about here and in the latest G&D article.

These 2 Motions serve to accomplish exactly the same result as the Petition.

WE HAVE WON! We have restored and preserved the fundamental purpose of the VCCA.

The By-laws will now contain the following language (from the first Motion):

"The Vintage Chevrolet Club of America is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and restoration and enjoyment of all Chevrolet built vehicles. Our primary focus is to restore and preserve Chevrolets to their original condition as delivered from the factory or dealership as stated in each monthly issue in the Generator & Distributor club magazine. To support the additional interests of our members, the VCCA has additionally created the Touring Program, and the CDPC Chevrolet Driver Participation Class, all with well established guidelines...."

And the second Motion says, essentially, that the content of what gets published in the G&D will reflect the above new By-laws. It says (also partial) -

"all such content depicted in the G&D shall be reflective of and consistent with the VCCA’s stated Purpose and Mission Statement as set forth in the VCCA Bylaws"

So, it's over. MANY, MANY THANKS to all of you who took the time to send in signed Petitions. There can be NO DOUBT that this happened because of the Petition and the pressure it put on the Board to pass these Motions, it would not have been accomplished without your huge support.

Now - we can get back to enjoying vintage Chevrolets. Merry Christmas.

Don Williams

Past President

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Thanks for sharing John. A lot of clubs go through the processes that your group just went through.

I tell every hobbyist group that I see: "Make sure your newsletters print the facts of club news, and make sure that upcoming major decisions have at least a 30 day notice to notify the membership!"

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There is an advert in the current Hemmings Classic Car saying that "all" Chevrolets are welcome in the VCCA, including "personalized." Why is the club still putting that kind of info out there when you guys had defeated the non-stock/customized/personalized classification?

I saw that ad today as well. Page 15 of the march 2015 issue. Unless the long lead time for magazine ads is the reason I too wonder what is up.

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