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Rayfield Side Draft Carburetor


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Can someone help? I just installed a Rayfield Carburetor on my Fronty and cannot adjust the darn thing. It is similar to the<BR>Model M shown in the Dykes Manual in the carburator section, but seems to be a mirror image. Unfortunately, the photos in<BR>the Dykes are not clear. I need to identify the high speed adjustment. Dykes has an arrow that points into the air horn but does<BR>not show it clearly. In the photo at: <A HREF="http://home.att.net/~oldford/rayfield4.jpg" TARGET=_blank>http://home.att.net/~oldford/rayfield4.jpg</A> <BR>the lower inset shows the carb from the top. Inside the air horn is a set screw. I have<BR>had it out, but cannot even tell what the damn thing adjusts. the low speed adjustment is the large thumbwheel to the left near<BR>the throttle plate. If I could just get it coarsly adjusted, I'm sure I could tweek it from there. Thanks guys....

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