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1930 Chrysler steel brackets for timber framework

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As listed in previous add I have a almost full set of all steel brackets required to join individual pieces of timber for the frame work of a 1930 Chrysler 4 door sedan, Holdens Built body.

Brackets include, front cowl to floor, dash brackets, middle door pillar, rear mudguard / door pillar, T joins for top of pillars, rear brackets for curved roof section, front top corner brackets with mounts for windscreen.







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Hi McGoo,

I just got a 26 touring body from Australia in pieces and some of the parts don't seem to fit, please can you advise where your brackets picture 5 (IMAG0065) fit onto the body, I have one of these, but don't know if it's for a tourer body.

Also any chance of a few pictures of the floor frame wood of your body please, there may be similarities with the touring body.

Many thanks


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hey Viv,

is the tourer a soft top, if so this bracket is probably not part of the body. On my car which is a 4 door sedan it sits up the top of the front fire wall where the roof attaches.

top right of body in this picpost-100001-143142900515_thumb.jpg

here are some pics of the floor frame work, but they are too big to upload so if you want to send me a pm email I will send them that way. Unfortunately my frame is now in many pieces.


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