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Master Editors?


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Is there something downloadable that explains how newsletters are scored?

The link below is the way they USED TO BE scored. Of course it's very outdated now, but it will still give you an idea of what most scorers are looking for....excuse me, WERE looking for! :)


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I just got my Master Webmaster award notification today (12/26/2014).

Mine was postmarked 12/24 and arrived here in Fairbanks, Alaska today by dogsled...

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I'm pretty sure that there never any "surprises" for Master Editor or Webmaster awards. They are all fully aware right now.

"Is there a list somewhere of editor winners (
master, merit, excellence
, etc)?"

He was speaking of the other
too, West. They are given out after the President's Dinner in Philly, or mailed if no region/chapter member picks them up.

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I would have thought possibly I would have received at least merit this year, but I guess not.

Keith, even if you missed a Master this year, from your past history, I'm pretty sure you will get an Excellence. You will probably have to wait until after the President's Dinner in Philly to know that though.

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