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Wheel Color?

John N. Packard

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John, I'm not exactly sure on how the 1954's were done. I would say paint the entire wheel. I remember my fathers 1956 Four Hundred was painted that way and that car was to have been all original when he had it. Besides anyone who wants to see the insides will need a hoist or a creeper to see what you did.<P>Rick<BR><p>[This message has been edited by Rick Hoover (edited 04-18-2001).]

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Rick,<BR> Thanks for your prompt reply. If the '56 models were done that way I'm pretty certain that it would apply to the '54 models as well. The rims were so grimy and rusty I really could not tell! They looked beautiful after I sandblasted and primed them. It didn't make sense that the factory would intentionally do a two step paint process; but I would like to preserve authenticity. I'll do them all body color!<P>jnp

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