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FOR SALE: 1956 Continental Mark II PARTS CAR $2500

Matt Harwood

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I'm helping a client of mine get this out of his storage facility. He sold his restored Continental Mark II a year ago and has this left over following the restoration. It's probably just a parts car at this point, as much of it is missing, including the Mark II-only wheels and valve covers, which are the only reasons he bought it. On the other hand, it's an original black on red factory air-conditioned car that's probably 80% complete. The body is decent but I did not explore the lower reaches or the floors. Probably best as a parts car or maybe usable to convert your Mark II to A/C by grafting the intake scoops into your rear quarters.

Notable pieces that are with the car:

  • Most of the A/C system except the compressor and trunk unit. Ceiling ducts and vents, condenser, and plumbing all intact

  • Gauges in surprisingly good condition, including clock

  • Good taillights, back-up light lenses, and bezels

  • Seats with original upholstery still good for patterns and material matching

  • Three doors

  • Hood

  • Two radiators

  • Four bumpers, all in good shape and usable as cores

  • Front grilles

  • All glass, including front and rear windscreens, not cracked or broken

  • Much of the stainless trim

  • Door sill plates

  • Interior hardware, knobs, handles, lights, and dash fascia

  • Engine, including manifolds--appears to only be missing the carburetor

  • Power steering and power brake systems

  • Transmission and rear end

It does not have wheels or tires, so you'll have to bring some that fit to haul it away. It's not buried and most of the parts are already in the car, so it shouldn't be a big deal to extricate it from storage and get it on your trailer.

He only wants
for the whole thing just to get it out of there. He knows he could take it apart and sell the individual pieces on eBay for a lot more (I bet the windshield and rear window alone are worth a significant fraction of the asking price), but he just doesn't feel like messing with it and I don't have time. There's nothing in it for me, I'm just helping a friend.

If you're restoring one of these or you know how to make money parting things out, there's plenty of upside here. Thanks for looking!













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