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1932 model 54 rumble seat coupe


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I bought this car last spring and my wife and i were going to tour around in it. She passed away from cancer and I am going to sell it. It had a concourse quality restoration 25 years ago and has held up well. It is new mechanically from bumper to bumper and drives great. I advertised it in Hemmings at 88,500.00 and was going to put it on the Pierce society page but I could not get the message board to work. I am in North East Arizona and My # is 928 241 1490. If you are a Pierce member and truly interested in the car I will work with you on Price.

I will take silver, gold, and I am also looking for a vintage motorcycle like an Indian or ?. Thanks for your time. Joe




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Joe, sorry to hear about your loss. I agree with AJ, it's a GREAT car. There is a very nice gentleman near me who has the same automobile....... ME!

I have not seen your car in person but I am told by club members who I respect it is very well done. I hope you decide to keep it. They are great drivers. A shot of my machine....


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The car has been sold to a great friend of mine. He is in the steel fab buss. and we have done a lot of jobs together. His last name is Gardner and he has a collection of Gardner cars. and when he saw the Pierce he fell in love with it. But then it,s a Pierce , and what is not to love.

I really enjoyed fixing the car and getting it running like a charm. I want to thank every one for there help like Ed, John at the Pierce parts and all others. The people in the society are as classy as the cars.

I found me a 1946 Indian Chief that has never had a bolt turned and was in the hands of the original owners nephew. I can,t wait to get it running.

Take car and Happy New year


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