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Acme Race Car in Inaugural Vanderbilt Cup Race

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Really, this car looks like a 1908/9/10 Lozier in a later race than 1904.

Nice photo though. Hopefully the # on the car can be tied to a race directory, but this seems to be a few years newer than 1904.

Bob McAnlis

Chagrin Falls, OH

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Yes, here I sit with egg all over my face. That car is indeed a Lozier racing in the first Fairmont Park Motor Race in 1908.

I originally found the picture in our Vanderbilt Cup file. The back of the photo reads "Acme Car" and upon close inspection of the handwritten race note it read "Fairmont Park". I then tracked down Michael J. Seneca's book The Fairmont Park Motor Races: 1908-1911 and found the same photograph on page 34 with a caption that reads "Ralph Mulford's No. 17 Lozier kicks up the dust as it speeds along the park course".

Acme did have an entrant in the 1908 Fairmont Park race & it was driven to second place by Cyrus Patchke. The Lozier finished 3rd.

Attached here is the cover of an original program for the second Fairmont Park race and also a page showing the 1908 winners.

Sorry for the screw up & thanks for keeping me honest!!




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As a side note, my library did some research for an auction company that was selling the original Founders Week Cup back in 2009. Here is the trophy listed in their catalog. The trophy sold for $110,000+ buyers premium.


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