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Wow, What a Great Commercial.....


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A friend just sent me this link to a Shell Gasoline Commercial. If this doesn't get your oil flowing, you're out of oil!!!! Don't forget to turn up your sound for this one.....

"Ostensibly they're selling fuel but the cars used in the video steal the show.

Ferrari pulled several of their race cars from various ages out of storage for this, flew them around the world and filmed them running through the streets of Rome, Rio, New York, Hong Kong, Honolulu and Monaco and the Sea Bridge in NSW.

The best part is the sound from the basso-profundo notes of the early, front-engine era, each scene cuts to a later generation, ending with the wail of a modern F1 car.

There's something about 3 litres and 14,000 RPM! So turn the sound up on your computer.

Just imagine the red tape, permits and cost to pull off this commercial....."

Ferrari Shell Commercial High Quality

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