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keeneland concours


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I 've done it twice and liked the show. Nice grounds with some shade depending on where you are. Judging seems well done. Nearby hotels aren't too unreasonable. Lots of stuff to do and decent restaurants. Trailer parking is on the grounds. Classes arranged in circles and you can sit inside the circle. Food was decent for lunch. Awards ceremony with drive by and group winners picture. Nice silver cup for first in class and stainless for second. Neat license plates . Anything else??


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I always attend as a spectator since I live here.

The only complaints I've ever heard are from spectators. Of course, many spectators like to clean on their non-concourse cars and drive them to the show, but the drive paths to the grass parking areas are gravel and really dirty up cars there were just cleaned. Concours and show cars are not routed that way at all, so it's no worries for entrants. They wetted the gravel one year to keep the dust down and that just made it worse. Gravely mud on all spectator rides.

I personally drive my company car min-van so it doesn't bother me at all, but I can see some frustration from a person who greatly detailed their prized car and was forced to drive through that to park it. I would love to see you and your car(s)!

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