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Black(blank) CRT-issue> Buick Riviera 1988


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Hi from Finland.

I have CRT-issue on my Buick Riviera 1988 T-type.

Could it caused by faulty CRT or other unit like BCM?


CRT-touch screen are black (with no image)

but buttons+beeping sound- will work.

I can also switch on the Radio, when no power

> keys at (ACC left to OFF) Other menus not working. Radio gives no sound, only

bang-noises (like machine gun).

After power up, CRT will go to STATUS-page and stays there.

Also my trunk or fuel - access "3-button-panel" not working.

witch sounds like faulty BCM-module?


I also have engine problem, only 4/6 cylinders

working part of the time + non-working buttons + flasher.

i cheked fuses, all ok.

When I got this Buick, it was left to the back yard and was covered with snow - long time without drive.

Now Buick is in warm garage,cleaned, and got new starter

and starting up with no problems.

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Welcome to the forum. It's always nice to get folks involved from places other than the U.S.

Personally, I've found that the best help you can get on a CRT screen is from the members on the Reatta forum. Ask them for help as well; maybe even a replacement part if yours is too far gone.

The Reatta is built on a Riviera platform. The Reatta guys live and breathe this stuff and love to help those of us on the Riviera side.


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