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1948 Chrysler paint on chrome questions

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I have a 1948 Chrysler Windsor Sedan. I recently purchased a center brake light housing that had been re-chromed. It is better than mine, but I was wondering about the grooves in the center of the housing that run the length of the car. Are these supposed to be black? If so, what kind of paint would I use and how does one paint on chrome?

The hood, trunk, and side emblems also have paint on chrome, though it is an orange-red. Does anyone know the proper paint color for this red?

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I would use some fine emery on the area(s) to be painted to "scuff" the chrome a little bit. This will allow the paint to adhere better.

I would also recommend putting a couple of coats of clear over the finished/painted area(s) to protect it from scratches/chips, etc...

The best method would probably be to spray the paint on but that can become difficult because of overspray. The piece would need to be masked and I know these emblems - that can be difficult to do.

Otherwise you can use a small artists brush and thin the paint so it doesn't become "tacky".

Good luck


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