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Delco Remy distributor identification help requested

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Can someone help me identify the original application for a Delco Remy distributor Model # 840T (serial # 2462). These numbers are stamped on the Delco-Remy tag that is riveted to the outside base of the distributor body.

I would like to be able to purchase a correct replacement cap, points, condensor and rotor.

The current rotor has the metal end on the leading edge worn off on one side, as if it is too long for the cap. the metal tabs in the cap that correspond to each plug wire are also worn on only a small part of their surface, as if the rotor is not making even contact across the surface of each metal tab.

All of the 1930's Chevy 6-cylinder distributor model numbers that I have found online seem to be in the 600's. In the 1940's, the model numbers become more complex.

I am continuing to work on reviving a 1929 Model 135 recovered from long-term storage (1976).

I appreciate any help or leads.



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I understand the distributor #840T may actually be a #640T, which would make this the original distributor for the Model 135.

I also understand I could purchase tune-up parts for a 1950 Chevrolet 6-cylinder.

This was not clear to me, as I reviewed the technical forum notes on this topic from 2007 on the club website. Thus, it was my error.

I appreciate the help and feedback. Perhaps, this clarification will also be useful for others who are new to the Franklin automobiles.


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One of the members on the Chevrolet forum provided this link to the Delco Remy catalog, which provides specific information as to which parts for the Franklin Delco-Remy 640T distributor cross reference to various other cars and especially to the 1950's Chevrolets.

The link is:


As a new Franklin owner, I am most appreciative of this information. My local NAPA store had all listed Echlin parts in stock (distributor cap, condenser, points and rotor).

Does anyone have suggestions/recommendations for appropriate plug wires and spark plugs?

Thanks again for all the help and advice on this forum. I genuinely appreciate it.


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Thank you, Tom.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, as well.



Use the Sollid Core wire, not resistor core. Spark plugs - it seems the Champion 516 is the most reliable plug to use. Napa will have it.

Merry Christmas!


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