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Marty Roth

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Please take a moment to remember a "DAY WHICH WILL LIVE IN INFAMY"

Please honor those who perished, as well as those who served,

those who perished in service to our country and all the Allied Forces,

and those who survived to come home and build our country.

My memory, of course, is my father who served in the South Pacific with the SeaBees, 6th Special Battalion, U.S. Navy from January, 1943 through the duration of the war in the Pacific. He survived, as did his buddy Mack Widro from Brooklyn, NY and his boyhood friend Jimmy Wapner from Plattsburgh, NY who served with the U.S. Army in liberating a concentration camp in Europe.

All three are gone now, but leave behind memories and their courage for us to recall...

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Guest marlin65

Although he passed on in 2011 my father-in-law was a flight engineer on B-17's and B-24's at Hickam on Dec 7th. He didn't get a scratch but witnessed a lot of his buddies perish as well as dozens of planes. To the day he died he would not own anything made in Japan, and I feel the same way. Ed Dade City,Florida

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My dad was a Pearl Harbor survivor. Was serving on the battleship USS Oklahoma. Happen to be up on deck when the torpedoes hit and capsized it within 10 minutes. He was thrown overboard and eventually pick up by a shore patrol boat. He served 3 tours in the Pacific and 2 two tours in the Atlantic during WWII. He also served 2 tours in Korea. He retired with 30 years Navy as Sr. Chief Gunners Mate...1936 to 1966. I lost him in 1981 ...he was only 63.

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Thanks for that link to that incredible man. People like him is what made America strong. Thanks to the Military (past and present)

I served aboard the (USS Tulare-LKA 112) pictured below, during the V.N war 1970-1973.

I have some interesting stories of the Pearle Harbor survivor cars the I hauled that shared their stories with me. I will share later.


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