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<BR>Very stiff/and balky shifting to low and reverse in my WWII Jeep (1943) and have been told that a product with molybnum sulfide(?) might make it easier. I have found a "Slick Shift" product,but this does'nt seem quite right. Slick 50??<BR>Any one with experience with such a difficulty and product? Many thanks for any help.

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Frank:<P>I have never used any type of product as an additive for the trans. Are you using the oil recommended by the maker? Example: Some guys I know tried using multi-viscosity oil in their gearbox with some not so good results. I only use SAE 90 wt. mineral type gear oil and have never had a problem. If you want to check out any product go to this site and click on "search", then type in the product name. FYI: the results for Slick 50 are an eye opener.<BR> <A HREF="http://www.ftc.gov/" TARGET=_blank>http://www.ftc.gov/</A>

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